Dangerous. Sexy. All-American Girl.

Pin Up: The Movie tells the story of the modern pin up girl – and the women who inspire her. it’s the first-ever film to explore this vibrant, and growing, subculture.

The film is the third documentary from TaylorCatProductions and the team of David Staton (producer) and Kathleen M. Ryan (director). It follows a group of women through their everyday lives, showing why they’re drawn to the retro style. There are two interrelated stories. In one, a group of women compete for the title of Miss 1940s White Christmas Ball. In the other, an established pin up photographer and her crew seek a fresh face for a magazine spread.

The project is also working with art historian Maria Elena Buszek, who traces the feminist history of the pin up in her work. It finds women who are embraced by a female-centric subculture that invites men to look, but not touch or control. In this world, the pin up is in charge.

The film is currently on the film festival circuit. It debuted at Woman Up Independent Film Festival, part of the Big House LA Entertainment festival, where it had the top “power ranking” in its division.


The project will eventually be an interactive documentary; a rich interactive experience allowing viewers access to footage, games, photographs, music, and stories not seen in the film. The i-doc is slated to premiere in late 2016.