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Kaaty Keene papaer dolls, illustrations,  and archival interviews courtesy Bill Woggon Archive. Katy Keene is published by Archie Comics.

Katy Keene

America's Pin Up Queen

first debuted in Archie comic books in 1945. 

She was created by Bill Woggon


"Katy meant a way out of the

ordinary, everyday, humdrum activity

we knew as teens in the '50s.

We were known as the silent generation. Sending ideas and

designs to Bill Woggon was one way of saying something in an artistic

way that everyone could relate to."


Therese P. Crowley in Soho Weekly News, December 7, 1978


Woggon created Keene and based her

on real-life pin ups. She "moved"

to Hollywood in 1948 (when Woggon moved his family to California).


"What went over really good was when I let anyone who wanted a Katy pin up send in for a free Katy pin up. 

Archie publications got a ton of mail . . . I drew a pin up, and every letter was answered . . . My daughter and wife helped open the mail. My son helped me with the inking on Katy Keene. It was one big family affiar." 


Bill Woggon in Media Sight, Summer 1983




Paper dolls have always been a section of art both in design, printing, and the creativity of playing with them. Which brings me to Katy Keene. When you cared about your paper dolls and cared for them, you recognized any artist that produced the dolls with a similar care for beauty, style, and clothes that fitted. KK had fashions done by readers, sometimes given a special flair in Bill's re-drawing, but always either the kind we drew or wished we were able to draw for our paper dolls: creative, imitative of fashion and films and current events, far out and imaginative before either concept

was generally popular.


Lorraine Burdick, "A Paper Doll Fan Looks at Katy Keene"